The first step is the hardest.

You may feel ashamed or worried about what will happen. Coming forward is the right thing to do.

Remember you are not in trouble if you have borrowed money from a loan shark. If it is an illegal debt you may not even have to pay it back.

Contact us in confidence for advice or to report a loan shark.

Everything you tell us is confidential, but you do not need to give any personal details.

    Remember to leave your phone number or email address if you want us to contact you.

    Call 999 now if you are in direct danger.

    What happens next?

    After you contact us, a liaison officer from our team will get in touch to talk about your situation in more detail.

    The liaison officer can also help you with housing or debt issues, referrals for health problems and advice on borrowing money safely.

    If needed, an investigator may talk to you about your experiences.

    A liaison officer will support you at every step throughout the entire process.