Help us protect people from loan sharks

Help us protect people from loan sharks

The safety of victims is our priority

Illegal money lending is a criminal offence, and loan sharks often target vulnerable people. If you or someone you know are involved with illegal money lending, coming forward is the right thing to do.

Are you the victim of a loan shark?

Loan sharks lend money and charge interest on the loan without the legal authority. They operate within our communities often taking advantage of vulnerable people.

Not always violent criminals, loan sharks seem friendly and helpful when you are in need. They can be a small lender taking advantage of friends or family, a rogue landlord or employer, a work colleague or a member of a community group.

Call 999 now if you are in danger

Warning signs

Loan sharks are not always easy to recognise. Look carefully for these signs, they may tell you that you are dealing with one.

Threatening behaviour

While they often start out friendly, a loan shark can turn threatening if you miss payments.

Word of mouth

Loan sharks do not usually advertise: you hear of them from other people.

No paperwork

There is normally little or no paperwork involved, so you don’t know how much you owe.

Cash only

The loan is usually in cash to not leave a trace or record.

Collateral holdings

A loan shark may keep your cards, passport or other valuables as security.

Increasing debt

The debt keeps growing even though you keep paying

Let us help you

Stop Loan Sharks Wales is here to support victims and protect people from illegal lending and related crimes.

If you or someone you know is involved with a loan shark, contact us for information and support.

Our top priority is your wellbeing and safety.