Lessons about keeping our money safe

If you are a teacher looking to promote money management skills in young people, you can use the educational resources we developed in collaboration with educational professional.

These resources contribute to different curriculum areas, such as maths, English, PSHE, drama, art and design, and cover all key stages. They include lesson plans and video material to deliver core learning objectives from the primary and secondary planning frameworks.

Primary schools contents

  • Keeping your money safe.
  • Where does money come from.
  • The difference between need and want.
  • The idea of saving, borrowing and lending.

Secondary schools contents

  • Safer lending and borrowing that reflect key financial capability objectives around when and how to borrow.
  • Values linked with money.
  • Saving and what can go wrong if you don’t make the right choice.
  • Credit, shopping around to get the best credit deal.
  • The dangers of borrowing from loan sharks.

If you know someone who has borrowed money via social media, please contact us to discuss it further.