We work with key partners across Wales to investigate and prosecute loan sharks, raise awareness about illegal money lending and support victims.

We provide free specialist training in identifying loan shark activity for partner organisations. In turn, we support their clients and customers, if they are the victims of suspected illegal lenders. Our partners include:

The Police

Illegal money lending is a criminal offence, and often linked to other criminal activities, including blackmail, harassment and assault.

As the organisation that investigates and prosecutes illegal money lending in Wales, we work with all four Police Forces across the country to provide support to loan shark victims and bring loan sharks to justice.

Police Community Support Officers and neighbourhood policing teams are the eyes and ears of the community, and we welcome regular input from them about their concerns.

Local Authorities

Across Wales, Local Authorities identify and support vulnerable people who may be targeted by predatory loan sharks. Local Authorities provide a multitude of services and often encounter loan shark victims. We work closely with them to ensure the safety of victims and provide support in both the short and long term.

Trading Standards

The Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit is closely linked to all local Trading Standards services across Wales. Quite often loan sharks are involved with other criminality that is regulated by Trading Standards. Common examples include counterfeit goods and tobacco.

Social housing

Housing associations manage the renting of properties to their tenants alongside Local Authorities. We work with staff who deal with rent arrears and those who support vulnerable tenants at risk of loan shark criminality. Tenants who are targeted by loan sharks are likely to be more at risk of falling behind in their rent.

Together, we can assist tenants who have been preyed on by a loan shark to protect tenancies and lower rent arrears.

Credit unions

Safe and affordable credit is an essential service, and key in fighting illegal lending. Supporting the credit union movement in Wales, helps us connect with local communities and promote responsible, ethical lending.

Citizens’ advice

Throughout Wales, Citizens’ Advice is on the frontline to support citizens with financial and other problems. When Citizen’s Advice identifies possible loan shark activity, they partner with us to best support their client, and put their safety first.

Welsh Government

Thanks to the support of Welsh Government, we support different agencies and networks, and work actively within the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty agenda to reach as many people in Wales as possible.

Money and Pensions Service (MaPS)

As part of the Welsh Government and MaPS’ plans to support and protect people against illegal money lending, we assist the MaPS to provide the best advice and information on the risks relating to loan shark activity.

Financial Wellbeing Forums

These forums bring together people across Wales who offer support and advice on financial matters in many different settings. We take part in these forums to learn about our partners and raise awareness and understanding about illegal money lending problems.

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

The DWP advises and supports people struggling to enter the workplace. Often, the problems they face are financial, making them a target for loan sharks. We assist DWP and other government agencies with our expertise to support vulnerable people.

Charity Sector

Charities do amazing work throughout Wales to support vulnerable people because of health conditions, addiction, or many other challenging personal circumstances.

We work with many different charities and provide them with tailored support and advice, so their frontline workers and volunteers best assist their service users.